About us

We are happy that you decided to check the “About us” page. It means that you’re at least a little bit intrigued :-).

We do believe that cooperation is much smoother when both parties get to know each other better.

Therefore, you will not find a cookie-cutter formula here about a professional, albeit anonymous team.

We founded the iTrans agency in 2001. And “we” means a couple – Małgorzata and Marcin Lejman.

When the company was established, Marcin was quitting the IDG publishing house, where he had spent many years creating content for the PC World monthly.

With this background, the agency naturally gravitated towards working with clients from the computer industry. Till this day, they constitute a majority of our client base.

Małgosia has managed business development for many years – winning more customers and making sure they remain happy with the quality of our services. She’s definitely the driving force which makes our clients enjoy cooperating with us :-).

What’s unique about us is the long-term, almost family-like relationships with our translators.

We’re not boasting thousands of translators, but the translators actually working have been with us for more than 10 years in many cases. We try to ensure they get a steady flow of jobs, and in exchange, we get them on an exclusive basis.

For the last 2 years, Małgosia and Marcin have lived in Bahrain, but the agency still has a fully-fledged office and team in Warsaw. We have gained a lot of interesting insights on working and managing a company remotely, and we’re planning to share some of those on our blog.