Frequently Asked Questions

1. Scope of services

1.1. Can you deliver sworn (certified) translations?

For our regular customers, we offer sworn translations, prepared in cooperation with a partner agency.

We do not translate vehicle documents, birth certificates, university diplomas, and other similar documents.

1.2. Can you translate from recordings (audio and video files)?

We can transcribe these files, translate them, or both.

1.3. Can you translate and subtitle a movie?

Yes, we can provide a translation in an appropriate subtitle format, with time codes synced with a movie.

2. Technical questions

2.1. How to order a translation?

The best way is to send your order to In the e-mail, please indicate your expected delivery date, and any other requirements. We will send you a quote in a matter of minutes, and after it’s approved, we will start working on a translation.

In case of large files (>20 MB) we use file sharing tools, such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, and other – whichever tool works for you.

2.2. What are the source file formats that you accept

We can handle almost any editable file format, including all popular office suite formats, but also DTP formats, such as InDesign, etc. In such cases, the translation would look exactly like the source file.

Surprisingly, PDF files are a bit more troublesome. Even if these are text-based files (sometimes PDF files contain no text content, just images), there’s no simple way to retain their layout in translation. It needs to be recreated. We can provide this service if necessary, at an extra charge.

We also often localize websites. Depending on the underlying technology, there are various approaches to this task – we will suggest an optimal approach after discussing project details with you.

3. Payments

3.1. W jakim cyklu odbywają się rozliczenia?

For regular clients, we issue invoices monthly. A single invoice will list all orders delivered in a given month, with a 14-day payment term.

3.2. Do you charge different rates depending on turn-around times?

Yes, express translations are more expensive than the regular ones.

Express translations include all translations to be delivered on the same same day, and orders which require translating more than 10 pages per working day to meet the required deadline.

3.3. How do you charge?

We charge based on the number of characters of the final translation. Our rates are set per standardized pages of 1800 characters.