Media summaries

Companies dealing in high-stakes projects with significant financial impact often require precise media monitoring for their own brand, or their competitors’ brands.

In many cases, they expect that the summaries of such mentions are translated, usually into English.

In such cases, it is critical that:

  • summaries are prepared as quickly as possible, ideally on the day of publication of the original mention;
  • summaries precisely convey the key messages;
  • reports are prepared according to client’s detailed instructions on how important individual themes are;
  • reports are of top quality in terms of translation and editing.

We have provided this service successfully for many years, especially for clients from such industries as:

  • military;
  • aviation;
  • banking and insurance.

In our work, we rely on media clippings prepared by companies specialized in media monitoring.

Our translators carefully review the clippings every day, prioritize them based on their actual relevance, and prepare summaries according to the guidelines requested by the client.

Projects of this nature are usually long-term, and are managed by a permanent team consisting of a translator and an account manager. Thanks to this approach, translators gain deep insights on what is significant to the client, and are well aware of the nuances, which helps them deliver precise summaries.

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